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About Hassan Abdulla
          We would like to give a brief note about him. he was born in Mahe.A French Territory in South India and brought up and educated in Burma. Joined Scouts movement in the age of 11 years and became Scout Commissioner at the age of 17 years and 7 months. he was the youngest commissioner of Scouts (18 years in the minimum age for qualifying and becoming commissioner of Scouts 5 months was waved for him by then Hon'ble Prime Minister of Burma taking to consideration o f his services rented at a critical juncture in Burma).
•   He was given an award by President of United state of America Mr.Eisenhower    was given an award by President of United state of America Mr.Eisenhower    “Peace Massage to the World” for distributing USIS Library books among the     students- he was then only 15 years old.

•  He had visited Holy Makkah in 1959 leading 1419 pilgrims of India . He was     honored as the youngest Amirul Haj by the Central Haj Committee of India and     fortunate to be the Royal Guest of His Majesty late King Saud Bin Azeez.

•  He had introduced Scouts movement services to Haj pilgrims in Saudi Arabia    during 1959 and had being taking 10 senior Boy Scout from India for 28 years     as Royal Guests.

•  He had attended 6 Rowers moot at Makkah especially organized by Scouts of     Saudi Arabia to help the pilgrimage

•  He had joined JDT Islam Institute in 1962 as honorary Manager and became     Secretary of the Institution and served up to 1998.

• He had been member and officer bearer of various institution and organization
              •  Served as a member of India Red Cross society.
              •  Chairman, Blue Cross society kerala.
           •  Member, National Council of Child Welfare both Kerala and Govt.of                  India
              •  Founder Secretary,MES raja residential school,chathamangalam
              •  Chairman MES School and ITC's
              •  Treasurer of All India Muslim Educational Society.
              •  Vice Chairman of State Haj Committee
              •  Member of Haj Advisory Director.
        • Executive director of IQRAA International Hospital and                                Research Center Calicut
              •  Founder, Treasurer MES Engineering College ,Kuttippuram
              •  Life member ,Youth Hostel Association of India  
              • Trustee and Executive director century dental college,
                  poinachi kasargod

•   He had attended various National and International Conference in different part      of the world.

              •  Human Right conference at Kula Lumpur.
              •  OISCA International Youth Conference are Kota Kina Balu.
             •  Attended 11 times United Nations NGO conference at UN head quarters            at New York representing All India Boy Scouts Association (AIBSA) as                   NGO.
              •  Attended OIC conference at Malaysia in 2003.

•   Conducted as co-ordinator 7 conferences of All India Education Society

Hon'ble Prime Minister, the President, Vice-president of India and dignitaries of the world such as Secretary General of Rabitha, Chirman of IDB, Mr.muhammad Ali Clay (Former world boxing champion) mother theressa were few of the important guest in his period.

•   He was the co-ordinator of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) for        7 years  where in the large number of MBA Students where studying.

•  He was the Co-ordinator vocational courses conducted under LBS Center for     Science and Technology, IHRD, MHRD, UNICEF and Canada fund.

•   He was principle of JDT Islam Industrial Training Center for 21 years.

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